For the needs of good operation and commercial applications, Acute Angle Coin/AAC was issued with a total amount of 1 billion. In addition to the token appreciation, investors holding AAC will also be used as payment tokens on the Acute Angle Cloud platform. Users can use AAC to pay for a series of transaction activities such as storage space, content review, and application development.
AAC is based on the sharing economy cloud computing and blockchain technology, through smart contracts, smart regulations, and reporting systems to ensure that users pay for the shared computing resources and content and revenue are equal, non-repudiation, and cannot be tampered with; through decentralized ledger records , To ensure that all transactions are true, open, and transparent; register user copyrights and modification records through the blockchain to protect users' copyrights from infringement.
In order to speed up the adoption rate of AAC, we have added AAC to all user service redemption methods. According to Acute Angle Cloud's annual operation plan, it provides users with activities, which brings a complete supplementary mechanism to AAC's price increase pressure, thereby promoting users' extensive use of AAC virtual digital currency.
AAC will become a medium for users to exchange sharable computer resources, ensure the rights and interests of users and provide equivalent computing resources. The total daily distribution of AAC is limited, and it is distributed through a community reward mechanism. With the passage of time, as the user accumulation and the difficulty of mining increase, the sales of acute-angle hardware increase, and more and more people participate in mining coins, the more difficult it is to obtain The bigger the future, the more advantageous the early participation. Acute Angle Cloud encourages more individual users to join in, sending more data nodes and bandwidth, storage, computing and other resources to the Acute Angle Cloud shared computing ecosystem, so that the entire ecosystem can maintain a good cycle on the C side.

Project allocation plan

1. Mining: 45%
45% of the total issuance will be put into the user's market through the Acute Angle PC mining mechanism, and up to 450 million AAC will be used to reward tokens through mining.
2. Project foundation reserve: 25%
25% of the total issuance is used as a foundation reserve fund for the technical development, community operation, business cooperation, publicity expenses, and improvement of the project ecology of the Acute Angle Cloud ecological follow-up project. The use of this part of the funds requires a resolution of the foundation and publicity in advance.
3. Cornerstone investment: 25%
25% of the total issuance is used to introduce early investors, who will contribute to team building and platform operations. 50% unlocked since token generation, 25% unlocked after 3 months of token launch, and 25% unlocked within 6 months. 4. Initial team, technical development team: 5% of the total issuance of 5% is awarded to the initial team and development team. It will be unlocked month by month starting from the month after the token is listed and traded. It will be unlocked by 0.25% every month for 20 months.

Project access

AAC is generated by sharing the Acute Angle PC hard disk resources, upstream bandwidth, CPU computing power, etc. and the ecological reward mechanism, combined with the user's interaction with the Acute Angle Chain within a specific block period to determine.
Users can purchase Acute Angle PC and activate the AAC reward plan to perform activity tasks to obtain AAC;
Users can contribute AAC by upstream bandwidth, shared idle hard disk storage space, CPU computing power, hard disk read and write capabilities, device stability multi-dimensional scoring algorithm;
Users can also participate in the official activities of Acute Angle Chain, and obtain the corresponding AAC according to the rules of the activity.

Project purpose

Cloud storage service
According to your actual storage size, time, and backup quantity requirements, exchange the cloud storage space required;
Shared cloud computing service
Redeem secure and stable cloud computing services. Provide ultra-large-scale distributed underlying architecture, decentralized and exclusive cloud encryption technology for users' cloud services.
Shared CDN service
Based on high-quality network infrastructure and cloud computing technology, redeem low-cost, high-performance, scalable Internet content distribution services.
With the development of cloud computing and blockchain technology in the sharing economy, AAC will have more application scenarios.
Shared entertainment sharing service
Users can use Acute Angle PC to obtain or participate in official event rewards AAC, on the entertainment sharing platform to redeem various unique content published by other users, and enjoy the dividends of the Internet content distribution era.
Acute angle application open platform
You can purchase apps and purchase in-app props.