CyberMiles ("CM") is a blockchain and smart contract platform developed by the blockchain development laboratory 5xlab. 5miles partner 5miles is the top ten c2c mobile e-commerce platform in the United States, with more than 12 million users. 5miles is expected to become a decentralized application (DAPP) using CyberMiles blockchain technology, and will also assist in the development of 5xLab technology. 5miles has accumulated the necessary technology, business knowledge and business innovation in the business operations of the local mobile market in the United States for more than three years, which has laid a good foundation for CyberMiles to build blockchain technology and smart business contracts that are applied to the real business world. Foundation. 5xlab is committed to combining these expertise to develop CyberMiles, attaching importance to legal compliance and the trust of the developer community. This will make CyberMiles a mainstream blockchain technology for real business.

Project Features

1. Smart

CyberMiles has created smart contract templates optimized for e-commerce businesses, allowing these companies to more easily deploy blockchains for their businesses. CyberMiles' DPoS blockchain is seamlessly compatible with Ethereum. Both smart contracts and de-neutralized applications can be easily ported to CyberMiles.

2. Quickly

For e-commerce, transactions are frequent, and blockchain technology needs to meet high concurrency requirements in terms of transaction speed and processing speed.

Currently, the transaction speed of CyberMiles per second is 2000 seconds, and when the mainnet is online, it will reach 10,000 seconds. Visa currently processes 6,000 transactions per second. In other words, CyberMiles will meet the daily needs of e-commerce when it goes online. At the peak of the transaction, the CyberMiles blockchain switches between Safe Mode and Unsafe Mode, reducing the number of nodes to meet the needs of high transaction volumes.

The transaction confirmation speed of the CyberMiles blockchain is 10 seconds. Both the transaction speed and the processing speed are much better than the existing blockchain, which can meet the high concurrent demand of e-commerce.

3. Security

Every day, e-commerce generates tens of millions of transactions, and financial security issues bear the brunt. For the safety of funds, CyberMiles has adopted the method of "pre-defense and recover later". First of all, CyberMiles will automatically identify the hacker's behavior patterns and prevent their behavior to prevent the loss of funds. Prevention cannot completely solve the problem, so CyberMiles supports the establishment of an on-chain governance mechanism that can recover lost funds through a community consensus mechanism.

In addition, CyberMiles has also optimized the virtual machine to further ensure the safety of funds.

4. Free

Payment costs account for a large proportion of the e-commerce cost system and directly affect its profit margins. Based on this, users with a small amount of short-term transactions can be exempted from handling fees when conducting transactions on the CyberMiles blockchain.

In addition, an obvious feature of the existing e-commerce industry is that the giants are the only ones, and the winners take all. The platform has the absolute right to speak, but the CyberMiles blockchain builds a decentralized ecosystem. CyberMiles will not charge “taxes” to small and medium-sized businesses, but will protect the interests of small and medium-sized businesses through community autonomy and encourage innovation in the e-commerce industry.